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Tum Hi To Ho Music Review – Songs Review of Tum Hi To Ho Music

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tum Hi To Ho Music
Tum Hi To Ho is an upcoming Hindi movie of Bollywood. The film is featured with Cahru Sharma, Vivek Shauq, Jackie Shroff and Dolly Bindra.

“Tum Hi To Ho” is the title song of Tum Hi To Ho movie. It is sung by Abhijeet. The song begins with slow-paced music. Lyric of the soundtrack tunes very beautifully on its music. “Tum Hi To Ho” is an average song. There is nothing in the song to appreciate.

“Ayo Manaye Jashn” song of Tum Hi To Ho music is sung by Monali and Rahul Seth. The soundtrack begins with fast-paced band music. It tunes on the track of old Bollywood music. Lyric of the song is also very compatible with its fast-band music.

“Dil Ne Mere Dil Ne” song of Tum Hi To Ho album is sung by Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghoshal. It is a romantic song of the film. Lyric of the song is really very appreciating but music is average. You will enjoy the song like a fascinating Bollywood soundtrack.

“Rock You Baby” is a rocking song of Tum Hi To Ho music sung by Arun Bakshi and June Benerjee. The song begins with blinking music and rap lyric. It is mixed with Punjabi Bhangra. Music of the soundtrack is really very appreciating.

“Teri Shamein Mere Sabere” is another slow-paced song of Tum Hi To Ho music sung by Kunal and Gayatri Ganjanwala. Soon, the song turns into faster music. Lyric of the song is very similar to “Ayo Manaye Jashn” song.

“Aye Khuda Dard Ye Gum” is a sad song of Tum Hi To Ho album sung by Kunal and Gayatri Ganjanwala. The song begins with piano music. Lyric of the soundtrack is very appreciating for its uniqueness.

Overall, Tum Hi To Ho album has introduced average songs and music. There is nothing newness in any soundtracks like No Problem music.


anthony said...

I have been a huge Anand-Milind fan and was waiting to hear their new compositions. So when this album hit the stands, I predictably went and grabbed a copy. Let me be candid. Even if I was not an A-M fan, I'd still give this album a BIG thumbs up. Clearly Tum Hi To Ho does not boast of big names (except Jackie Shroff, Anand-Milind and the playback singers). The lead pair is new and so are the makers. But as far as the music goes, one listen and you know that Anand-Milind still have it in them. Ravi Chopra is the lyricist this time.
The album kick starts in style with Dil Ne Mere, which is easily one of the best romantic songs composed by Anand-Milind. Soaked in melody, the singing by proficient singers Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghoshal, warranty repeated listening. Besides, the Udit Narayan and Anand-Milind is always extraordinary and they rarely let down. Even 10 years later, Shreya Ghoshal still manages to sounds as fresh as she did with her songs in Devdaas. New find June Banerjee teams up with veteran Arun Bakshi (a favourite with Anand-Milind) for Rock Me Baby. Arun Bakshi is an atypical choice is what you think, when you read Arun Bakshi's name in the credits for a song called Roick Me Baby, but are pleased by the outcome. The song is nothing like what A-M have composed in recent times with some really good Punjabi-western beats. Rock Me Baby is hip and chic and does not disappoint at all. A good fun track.
The third song sees Shaan and Gayatri Ganjawala crooning my favourite song from this album, Tere Shaame Mere Sabere. The song sounds is easy on the ear and boasts of both melody and good beats. This is the kind of song that Emraan Hashmi and Mahesh Bhatt would love to lap up! Gayatri Ganjawala joins in later on in the song but makes an impact with her powerful vocals. This underutilised house of talent needs to be taken more seriously! Next in line, is the husband-wife twosome, Kunal Ganjawala and Gayatri Ganjawala teaming up for what I assume is a song styled for a sad situation. Both singers add to the strong melody making Aye Kuda tremendously hummable.
Abhijeet adds the vigour required for the energetic title track, Tum Hi To Ho. Placed at number 5, this could have easily been the opening song of the album. I had expected a soft, romantic song, but was pleasantly surprised by the nice rock-electric-guitar arrangements. Easily one of their best compositions and also the best song in this album, it is extremely haunting and has some meaningful lyrics, courtesy Ravi Chopra. Abhijeet proves yet again that he knows his job well. Rahul Seth and Monali wrap up the album with a zingy, fast-paced club number called Aao Manaye Jashn. Contemporary and modern in its arrangements, Aao Jashn is the perfect excuse to hit the dance floors!
As an Anand-Milind fan, I am extremely happy with this soundtrack. An extremely satisfying listening experience! I hope the songs scale the heights of popularity and bring Anand-Milind back at the top where they truly belong!

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